Clayton loves to learn. He’s currently learning the names of all the capital cities in the middle east. He has an inquisitive mind and enjoys learning how things work, like engines. His curiosity extends to fishing, helping mum at home, and spending time at his day program.

Clayton currently lives at home with his mum and two younger brothers. Like most young adults, Clayton wants to move out of home and live independently.  Over the past year, his Everyday Independence therapy team has been supporting him in building his daily living skills and social skills to prepare him.

Clayton receives face-to-face occupational therapy and speech pathology via telehealth. His OT, Dominique and Speech Pathologist, Sophie work closely together to develop strategies that help him work towards his OT and Speech goals at the same time in his therapy sessions at home and at his day program. This is the Everyday Way, and it has given Clayton more opportunities to build his confidence and skills where they matter the most.

To prepare for independent living, Clayton has been working on short term goals which include:

  • following a morning routine to get himself ready (including self care activities)
  • writing shopping lists and finding ingredients in the shop
  • learning to use a transport app to plan his route to the local shops on public transport
  • cooking simple meals and cleaning at home
  • managing his emotions – being able to understand how he is feeling and what he can do to manage them, and
  • keeping safe in the community – being able to look after his belongings independently and following social cues.

Clayton’s therapists are using a range of strategies during his therapy session. Some that are working well for Clayton include:

  • building the capacity of his supports at home and his day program, so that everyone is working towards a unified purpose to build his skills
  • using visuals such as recipes and routines, and reminders around the kitchen to turn things off and on, and
  • repetitive practice of routines and activities

Dominique says that Clayton is building his independence with his commitment and dedication to practising his new skills.

“It’s been so rewarding seeing Clayton achieve his goals.  He constantly wants to learn and is so motivated.  His potential is truly exciting!” said Dominique.

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