We love seeing people achieve their goals and live to their potential.

Below, we share the stories of some of the people we support as they live an everyday life.

Repeating Routines and Reaping Rewards

Meet brothers, Damien (10) and Bruce (8). They both live with Autism and find it challenging to connect meaningfully with their peers and successfully manage their daily routines.

CLayton Builds Life Skills for a Good Life

Clayton loves to learn. He has an inquisitive mind and enjoys learning how things work, like engines. His curiosity extends to fishing, helping mum at home, and spending time at his day program.

Championing Eddie

Eddie has been working with an interdisciplinary team to help him complete a Certificate IV in Allied Health & complete work placement with Everyday Independence.

An exhibition of goal-kicking

Susan is a 63-year-old creative who thinks and dreams big! She isn’t letting her disability get in the way of living an everyday life.

Adam, a testament to positive change

Adam, a passionate churchgoer, worked to break down social barriers and achieve his goal of becoming a valued member of the church community.

Teamwork, technology and tenacity: Omar’s winning combo

Combining outstanding therapy support with innovative technologies can make for a powerful therapy transformation for participants.

Genni spreads her wings

Genni has been working incredibly hard over the last fifteen months with her Occupational Therapist, Antoinette and her key support workers to build up her skills, and develop a plan to successfully live on her own.

See Steven fly up up up

Steven beams in his brand new wheelchair that’s customised to his needs and themed in his favourite footy club colours. A brand spanking new ride to match his confidence and everyday independence.

Dave talks to his strengths

Dave has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. Speech Pathology has opened up even more possibilities for him to participate in all aspects of everyday life. His smile says it all.

A picnic and new possibilities

Over the past two years, Samantha and Abigail have worked to build a strong rapport with Chris. With their support and encouragement, Chris has built the confidence to push outside his comfort zone to work toward his goal of connecting with others.

Sondra enjoys the joys of moving into her own home

Sondra has a ‘can do’ attitude, is incredibly independent and loves new experiences and challenging herself. She leads a super busy life and after recently retiring from full-time work is now an advocate for people with disability.

Liz discovers her inner confidence and the results are life-changing!

Liz radiates positivity and happiness. She loves meeting new people, volunteering at the Salvos, and exploring her creative side with jewellery making and cooking.

Dinosaurs help Max establish his evening routine

Our therapists are full of creative ideas that make therapy fun and engaging, especially when it comes to children! Occupational Therapist Kristy certainly achieved this when she staged a dinosaur photoshoot at a recent therapy session.

A Key Worker approach helps Lily thrive

Lily is a vivacious 5-year-old who loves playing outside, pretending to be a power ranger, and like many girls her age, finds it hard to sit still for more than a second! Like all parents, Jess and Mat, were keen for Lily to start primary school just like all the other kids in the neighbourhood.

Julie is living the life she always knew she had

Julie is a people person but was finding it harder to stay connected to those she loved. With the help from her Everyday Independence occupational therapist and physiotherapist and a new mobility scooter, Julie is now getting out and about with friends and family.

Cass surprises his mum with a dinner she won’t forget

Cass is 14 years old and lives at home with his family. Cass’ mum, Karen, is his primary support and before working with Everyday Independence, she had provided physical support in all areas of his life including meal preparation.

Nathan becomes a rugby coach for a day

Nathan loves sport, but he had bigger goals than just playing. He wanted to try his hand at wheelchair rugby coaching.

boy riding a modified bike

Dre learns to ride a bike!

Emma is one of our Physiotherapists in our Western Sydney team and has been supporting a 7-year-old boy named Dre. She recently supported Dre at a modified bike riding trial.

Doug works towards his independence

Doug has been a participant with Everyday Independence since July 2018. He suffered a serious stroke 20 years ago which left him with severe communication difficulties and weakness on his right side.

Technology helps Josephine to communicate

Masks have made it difficult for Josephine to communicate with others as she relies on lip-reading. With the help of her Speech Pathologist, Josephine is more confident in communicating with others.

boy in wheelchair on bus

Drellan’s goal for transport training

Drellan was taking assisted transport to and from his public school. He’s going to TAFE and will need to catch public transport . One of his goals was travel training so he’s able to safely get to and from his course.

Boy giving thumbs up

Khalif gives us the thumbs up

Khalif’s NDIS plan was up for review and with Mikhala’s support, Khalif and his mum were able to receive the resources and therapy support needed to enable Khalif to continue to achieve his goals.

Amer Makes Pancakes

Amer loves McDonalds Hotcakes. Amer’s Occupational Therapist suggested that he could make his own at home and he was so excited to try it.

You can do it. Be brave.

When we asked 10-year-old Monique for her advice for a child who was just about to start receiving therapy support, she had five simple, but powerful words. Words that are relevant to people of all ages. ‘You can do it. Be brave’.

Vincent gets physical with boxing

Exercise has consistently shown to be a positive factor for mental health, mood regulation, motivation and in Vincent’s case, it has also opened doors for engagement and participation with others in his group home.

Dave is living his best life with the right supports

Dave’s story is a great example of what a person with a disability can achieve when they have the right supports around them.

Amber catches the train, independently, for the first time in 20 years

Occupational therapist, Pamela, supported Amber, a young woman living in Melbourne to catch the train by herself so she could visit her friend.

Speech pathologist supports family dream

A family holiday can feel out of reach for many people with children who have complex sensory and communication needs.  Speech pathologist Vicki supported a family to achieve their goal of a well deserved trip to Greece.

Jess speaks to Human Nature

Amanda, speech pathologist has been supporting Jess to speak confidently with people outside of Jess’ family, including with her favourite band Human Nature, who she was meeting in May.

You can’t keep a good man down

Roland’s mantra, “you can’t keep a good man down’ has certainly played a big part in the progress he has made since suffering a stroke seven years ago.

Monica delights in cooking and trips to the library

Monica has learnt to cook independently and travel to the library to hire her favourite DVDs and books.

Codie builds strength and confidence

Codie achieves her goals including getting in and out of the car without assistance.

Murat becomes a 2nd generation Postman

Murat achieves his long terms goal of finding paid employment. With much pride and enthusiasm, Murat is now working as a Postal Delivery Officer for Australia Post!