Our Key Workers support families to reveal children’s true abilities

Everyday Independence Key Workers are highly trained occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, and educators. They are passionate about guiding families and bringing the skills of the team to build children’s confidence so that they can be fully engaged in everyday life.

Supporting families to overcome the obstacles that prevent their child from being included and engaged in home and community life is a big responsibility.  But it’s just what our Key Workers do, every day.

As an Everyday Independence Key Worker, you’ll be part of a leading team, equipped with everything you need to become a highly effective social model therapist. You’ll be supported to provide deeper childhood intervention services to children under 7 years so that they and their families can enjoy more of the precious moments of family life.

You’ll learn from the best in the industry and be supported to harness your passion for working with young children to make a greater impact. With new perks, unrivalled learning and development programs, and vibrant hub life, it’s never been a better time to join us.

“It’s so rewarding when a parent tells me that they’ve used a strategy or technique that we’ve been working on during sessions in another situation and had success. Ultimately, that’s my role as a Key Worker – to empower families to build their skills and confidence so they can support their child to reach their full potential.” – Naomi, Key Worker.

Your New Everyday

As a Key Worker, you’ll be a family’s main contact for all of their therapy needs.   Working under the Key Worker model, you’ll provide children with therapy support and help families access services within Everyday Independence and the community to empower the child’s development.

No two days will be the same. But here’s just a few of the things some of our Key Workers did last week:

  • Attended a family’s home to help mum and dad develop a morning routine so that their child could get ready independently, and enable them to get to work on time
  • Supported a family to investigate mainstream schooling options
  • Arranged for an Everyday Independence therapist to provide a burst of therapy to meet a child’s developmental needs
  • Delivered a session at a child’s kindergarten to support them to develop their social skills
  • Accessed learning modules to develop their skills

Find Your Next Role

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