In celebration of early childhood educators’ day, we speak with Mel Thompson, Early Childhood Intervention Lead who brings her expertise and passion for supporting children and families with high quality and best practice services to the team.  She discusses the important contribution educators make at Everyday Independence in their role as Key Workers

What drew you to your role at Everyday Independence? 

Having worked as an educator for over 33 years with most of those years spent in the Early Childhood Intervention sector, it has brought me such joy to see the positive impact on children and families when they’re supported to build their skills and knowledge of child development.

The Early Childhood Practice Lead role appealed to me because I wanted to be a part of an organisation that wants to lead the way in benchmarking best practices for early childhood intervention services and delivering life changing outcomes for children and families.

Everyday Independence has a highly experienced early childhood team, and I wanted to be a part of that vision.

What are some of the critical activities of your role? 

I support the leaders and key workers within our teams. This includes ensuring that we meet the individual learning needs of each of our educators and they have ongoing support.

I work closely with people across the organisation to ensure that we have the support and resources to deliver high-quality early intervention services that align with best practices.

How are Educators set up for success? 

We’ve carefully mapped out an induction program that supports our educators to get the best start at Everyday Independence.

This includes a solid 4-week Immersion program that combines both e-learning and live training sessions. Educators gain a comprehensive understanding of the best practice key worker model of early childhood intervention, and how to embed this into their everyday practice.

All new educators are supported by an experienced mentor within their hub who provides regular check-ins and opportunities for on-the-ground learning. Each week there are also opportunities to ‘drop in’ to guided mentoring sessions run by lead key workers within the organisation.

Our key workers are also part of an organisation-wide ‘community of support’ where there are opportunities to share ideas, ask questions and learn from one another.

There are many opportunities to learn from and work alongside other Allied Health professionals to ensure more children and families are participating in all aspects of everyday life.

Your advice for Educators who are looking for a career change? 

Educators are perfectly positioned to support children with their developmental needs. They have a unique skill set and experience with supporting children in developing everyday skills; making them highly qualified to work as early childhood Key Workers.

We have 30 educators working as Key Workers now, and we’re always looking for people who align with our values.  Find out how you can be part of a dynamic and connected early childhood team. Search our new roles