We value your feedback both when we have done really well and when we have made a mistake or not performed as you expected.

How to Tell Us if You are Unhappy with Our Services or Our People
We want you to be happy with our services and we want you to let us know when you are not happy with something. Your feedback gives us a chance to put things right and to make our services better for everyone.

A complaint is a way of telling us you are not happy with the people or services at Everyday Independence. For example:

  • How you were treated
  • Changes to your appointment times or therapist
  • Not getting the service you wanted or expected

We Want To:

  • Help you to reach your goals
  • Make sure we are doing a good job
  • Make sure we are doing what we say we will do
  • Make it easy for you to tell us if we do something wrong

You can talk to us about your concerns directly or you can ask someone to complain for you. For example, a family member, a support worker, a guardian, an advocate or anyone in the community can help you explain your concerns or problems

What Happens When You Complain?
We want to fix the problem quickly. We will contact you, listen to you and discuss the problem. We will then try and solve the problem with you. We will write down the details and keep a record of the complaint as well as what agreement we have to fixing the problem.

To Make a Complaint:
You can make a complaint in a number of ways:

  • Complaints Form

For extremely serious complaints you may want to make your complaint directly to the Everyday Independence executive team. To do this you can ask to speak to the Director, Mal Healey. For example, when you have a complaint about your safety. Call 1300 179 131 and ask to speak to Mal Healey or email malh@everydayind.com.au

We can also help you make a complaint in your preferred language.

When everything is sorted out we will ask what you thought about the way we answered your complaint.

Every month the leaders at Everyday Independence meet and discuss any complaints that we have received. Talking about how we fixed the problem will help us learn to do things better.

You can also make your complaint to the NDIS

If you want to report your complaint to the NDIS you can:

You can also report your complaint to The Disability Services Commissioner