Our positive behaviour support team work with children, teenagers and adults in Moorabbin to support their desire to live full and happy lives.

It all starts with a belief in the everyday possibilities because every person has the right to communicate their needs and have choice and control in their life.

We see every person as capable of enjoying an everyday life with the right supports and strategies. Our Behaviour Support practitioners are specially trained Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers and Developmental Educators who are passionate about supporting children and adults who use challenging behaviours.

Our Moorabbin behaviour support team think differently about behaviours and approach our work with compassion and curiosity to unpack why these behaviours occur. We believe that all behaviours happen for a reason and by working directly with the person, their family and their other supports we can find ways to assist the person to reduce their behaviours of concern. By using ethical approaches that focus on human rights, community inclusion and equal opportunities, we aim to eliminate the use of restrictive practices wherever possible.

Under an NDIS plan, funding must exist under Improved Relationships to access this therapy.

What are restrictive practices?

Restrictive practices are any interventions or practices that restrict the rights or freedom of movement of a person. They’re used in response to a behaviour of concern and should always be considered as a last resort. Sadly, they are being used to manage the behaviour of people with disabilities, and can be extremely distressing for the person. Our highly trained team of Behaviour Support practitioners are committed to reducing and eliminating the use of restrictive practices, so that the person’s dignity and independence is regained, and quality of life is improved.

We’ll create a Positive Behaviour Support Plan that outlines strategies to reduce the need for restrictive practices or to have them authorised, so that the person can feel supported and have a proactive plan to fade this out. The plan also includes methods to keep everyone safe, and we actively help everyone involved to understand how to use it in their everyday, to build on skills, autonomy, and a better quality of life.

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Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support Plan

The journey to enjoying more everyday life activities begins with the creation of an individualised Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) plan. We’ll collaborate with the person and their trusted support team to ensure we’re all working towards a unified purpose, with a focus on building their capacity and their supports’. It becomes a central resource filled with proactive strategies and instructions to keep everyone safe.

A PBS plan will be developed (within 30 days of your assessment, if unauthorised restrictive practices are used) to share, review, and update regularly with their support team. On occasions, where there is a restrictive practice in place, the plan will be sent to the relevant states and territories Office of the Senior Practitioner for authorisation and the NDIS commission for monitoring on the use of the restrictive practice.

We’ll help everyone involved to understand the plan and how to use it in their everyday.

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How your Behaviour Support Practitioner will support you

It is a journey that starts with:

  • Individualised support – working with the person and the key people in their life to gain an understanding of them and where they spend their time
  • Identifying when and why challenging behaviours occur
  • Identifying what will build their skills and confidence enough to reduce the use of these behaviours
  • Promoting and embedding positive experiences in the person’s daily routine, such as community presence and participation
  • Building the capabilities of their family and key supports to achieve the outcomes that are important to them
  • Collaborating with the person and their trusted support team on the development of a Positive Behaviour Plan

These strategies are known to work and aim to eliminate or reduce restrictive practices safely, to improve the quality of life of the person and of their key supports’.

Reasons to be supported by our team

Everyday Independence has a team of behaviour support practitioners who support children, teenagers and adults across Moorabbin.

Your Behaviour Support Practitioner has been carefully selected to have the skills and attributes that will deliver exceptional therapy support including approaching their work with compassion and an open mind.

We promote and embed positive experiences in their daily routine, such as community presence and participation in activities they enjoy.

We'll deliver therapy services in the places where they like to spend their time, including home, school and other places in the community.

We build the capabilities of their family and key supports to achieve the outcomes that are important to them.

Supporting you the Everyday Way

We provide a range of therapy services to build your skills and confidence to take on the world, your way. Your therapy package can include:

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