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PACE, the new NDIS participant portal

What is PACE?

PACE is the name of the NDIS’ new participant portal. The portal is designed to give participants greater choice and control over their funding while streamlining provider payments.  

PACE has been trialed in Tasmania over the last 12 months with good success and will now roll out nationally from November 2023.

What Changes can be Expected?

Here’s what you may notice:

  • Plan periods will be longer.
  • Funding will be released in intervals to account for these longer plan periods.
  • A new process that requires some participants to ‘Endorse’ providers who deliver their services (more details below).
  • Service bookings and agreements are no longer required; however, organisations may elect to continue using service agreements if they prefer.
  • The new platform is purpose-built and more user-friendly with tools for seamless provider payments and exchange of information.

What Does this Mean for Participants?

  • Participants will not transition all at once, rather, they’ll transition to PACE when they receive their next plan (new, amended or roll-over). For some participants, their next plan won’t occur for up to two years.
  • You may now hear the term ‘participant endorsed provider’. This refers to providers who are preapproved to deliver supports to a participant. This allows for more streamlined provider payments, with an average payment time of just two days. Whereas non-endorsed provider payments may take up to 10 days.
  • NDIA managed participants, as well as participants with SDA or behaviour supports funding must ‘Endorse’ service providers. This process does not apply to plan or self-managed participants, unless they have behaviour supports or SDA funding. Providers can be unendorsed by participants at any time by calling the NDIS.

Where can I Learn More?

The NDIS have previously and are continuing to publish participant and provider communications about their upcoming system upgrades, including local and virtual information sessions across the country. You can learn more by contacting the NDIS or clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a participant endorse a provider?

Participants endorse providers by calling the NDIS on 1800 800 110 and letting them know they want to endorse a provider in the PACE portal. They will need to give the name and NDIS Provider Number of the company they wish to endorse.

What is Everyday Independence’s NDIS Provider Number?

Everyday Independence’s NDIS Provider Number is 4050000429. You will need to quote this number when endorsing Everyday Independence as a provider.

Who can endorse on behalf of a participant?

Only participants, their nominee or guardian can endorse for services.

Do I have to call the NDIS to endorse a provider?

Unfortunately, yes, you cannot endorse a provider by any other contact method at this time.

When does PACE roll-out? 

PACE will begin to roll out from November 1st 2023.

Do participants automatically move to a PACE Plan on November 1?   

No, participants will transition to PACE gradually as they receive a new plan after November 1st (first plans, roll-over plans or amended plans).

How will I know if I am on the PACE system or the current NDIS system? 

When you are given your NDIS Plan it should be explained to you, however if you are still unsure you can contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110 directly to confirm.  Additionally, your Coordinator of Support or Plan Manager (if applicable) may be able to assist you.

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