Getting prepared for the NDIS can feel daunting. We know from years of experience with the NDIS that families can feel unprepared to talk to the NDIS and worry about making sure they get the right level of funding and support for their needs.

Being able to discuss your disability and how it impacts your life are important part of your NDIS access request. Think about your life now….

  • What is important to you?
  • What are your strengths and what is already working for you.
  • What isn’t working for you at the moment?
  • Who are in your support network – family members, a friend or a carer and how they can be part of your therapy journey.
  • Take some time to think about your goals and developing a picture of how this will look in your life.
  • What will you need to bridge the gap between current and future

Write these things down and collect any reports, assessments or information you might find helpful to pull together your access request and when you meet with the NDIS.

There are two ways we can support you to prepare for the NDIS

1. If you need evidence from a therapist to support your eligibility to enter the NDIS.

We can support you with a formal therapy assessment by one of our therapists who will provide you with a report that is specifically developed with the NDIS in mind. This will support your request for NDIS access and the report we provide you can also be used for your NDIS planning meeting if you are accepted into the scheme because it will include:

  • Impacts of your disability
  • Your goals

2. If you have been accepted onto the scheme and would like support to prepare for your pre-planning meeting.

An Everyday Independence therapist can meet with you and help you to express your current situation including your aspirations and goals so that you feel confident and prepared for your NDIS pre-planning meeting. We will also help you to think about the types of supports you may need to meet these goals.

To find out more about either of these services call us on 1300 179 131 or email us.

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