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NDIS Physiotherapy Services in Craigieburn

From staying healthy and active, building endurance and improving independence, expect our team to build your skills and equip you to do the things you want, your way.

How Physiotherapy Delivers More

When you work with Everyday Independence, our Craigieburn based physiotherapists come to you as part of a broader team that may include speech pathologists, occupational therapists, behaviour support practitioners, and habit coaches.

How Can Physiotherapy Help You?

Physiotherapy helps children, teenagers and adults with disabilities in Craigieburn to achieve the changes that are most important to them. These may include:

  • Improving mobility, muscle strength, flexibility, endurance and fitness to take part in activities you enjoy and need to do
  • Joining a local sports club or getting prepared to enter the workforce
  • Developing skills and confidence to do things independently and improve your social connections.
  • Developing strategies to manage pain or symptoms of your condition or disability
  • Prescribing mobility equipment to help you stand, walk or move around your home and in the community with greater ease and independence.

We’re Ready to Get you Started

To get started with physiotherapy, our disability practitioner based in Craigieburn , comes to your home to get to know you, your family and other members of your support team. They take a whole of life approach to set you on your pathway to positive change.

Not yet a NDIS participant? Visit our NDIS pages for information on getting your plan funded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get Started with Physiotherapy?

To get started, simply fill out an online form, to help us understand a bit about you, where you live and what your goals are, so that we can match you to the right team.

A disability practitioner will then conduct an initial assessment in your home, understand your goals and get to know you, your family and other members of your support team. After they gather all the information the disability practitioner will pull together your dedicated therapy team.

Your follow up appointments or focussed assessments will help to assess and develop specific strategies across physiotherapy, occupational, and speech therapies, assistive technologies, and/ or social intervention, and may be attended by one or two of these team members depending on your immediate goals.

This whole of life approach ensures you get the best value from your NDIS funding.

Why Don’t I Come into a Clinic for my Sessions?

Our physiotherapists deliver services in the community, where people live, work, study and play or spend their time.  The best way to build your skills is to work with you in your everyday environment while also helping to change community attitudes that may be holding you back. Clinics are simulated environments which don’t present the same barriers and challenges as real-life, everyday environments.

Do you Prescribe Mobility Equipment?

Yes, many of our physiotherapists can prescribe mobility equipment and other assistive technologies. They will help you choose the right walking or standing aide to support your individual needs from walking long distances to standing to stretch tight muscles. Our physiotherapists work with you to determine the best piece of equipment for you, show you how to use it, and ensure it’s helping you to achieve your goals.

We can provide a report for different funding bodies to gain funding for mobility equipment.

We’ll help everyone involved understand the plan and how to use it in everyday life.

Will my Physiotherapist Come with me to Participate in Community Sorts or Recreation?

Yes, your physiotherapist can accompany you to community sports or recreation venues to help you work out the best way to participate in your activity of choice, and have fun. This may involve practicing exercises you can do in your house with no equipment, a walking program at your local park of a gym program to build up your strength and mobility.

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