April 30, 2020

Physical distancing hasn’t stopped Sam from continuing to receive her occupational therapy support, in person.

Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist Zoe has been visiting Sam in her home to support her to continue working towards her goals.

Taking part in meaningful activities is important to Sam who lives with disability caused by mental illness and low vision.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sam would spend time in her local community doing things she enjoyed such as going shopping, volunteering at a childcare center, attending English lessons at a community center and participating in dancing.  However, with COVID-19 reducing what she can do in her community, Zoe and Sam have been working together to find meaningful activities that Sam would enjoy doing while staying safe at home.

With Sam’s interest in cooking and eating good food, Zoe used a recent therapy session at Sam’s home to support her to make her first Spanakopita Pie.

Zoe was able to provide Sam guidance as she needed to make the pie while staying a safe distance away from each other.

Spending time learning a new skill and engaging in meaningful activities that you enjoy can have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Well done Sam!


*Name changed for privacy.