With COVID restrictions continuing across Victoria, some of our early childhood Key Workers have switched to telehealth to support children. Knowing children love to have tactile toys to use during sessions, the Everyday Magic Program provided some goodies to assist.

“As a team, we created 60 therapy care packs for the children and families we support with early intervention. In the packs are some sensory activities, fine motor activities and just some downright fun things to play with”, said Bec, early childhood Key Worker at Everyday Independence.

The therapy packs provide a range of engaging themed activities that also deliver therapeutic and social benefits.


“We’ll use items from the packs during online therapy sessions, but we also encourage families to play with these items as it’s fun for the whole family.”, she said.

“These packs will put a smile on some happy little faces”.

The Everyday Magic Program enables our therapists the opportunity to provide some low cost yet big impact items that enhance the therapy services they provide.