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Later Career Practitioners

“There’s limited opportunity for career progression in the private practice setting, whereas Everyday Independence has multiple opportunities and pathways.”

Michael, team leader and physiotherapist at Everyday Independence

Video transcript

One of the big differences with coming from a clinic and working with someone like Everyday Independence is there’s a little bit of a limited opportunity for career progression within the private practice setting. Whereas Everyday Independence has multiple kinds of opportunities and multiple pathways, which was really appealing for me when I jumped across.

To…have some opportunity to develop my career outside of just the clinical perspective, to talk about leadership, to work into leadership for mentoring and clinical excellence. It’s been really nice to know that those opportunities are there and that work doesn’t just have to be purely clinically and clinical sort of therapy.

I guess as a clinician, I was looking for a new challenge, a little bit of a change. I’d been working in the practice for just under 10 years, so I was looking for something to challenge me. I really liked the idea of a longer term approach to therapy. Being able to support someone through life stages or big moments within their life, rather than having people just step in and step out of the clinic. So the ability to kind of forge relationships with, with your participants and get to know them a little bit better to see how they tick and then as a result, deliver therapy based around that was really quite appealing.

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