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“It can be scary and daunting when you first finish uni…but I had no reason to worry at all as I was really supported.”

Siena, graduate speech pathologist at Everyday Independence

Video transcript

I think what really attracted me to working at Everyday Independence was that they work in the social model. I was really passionate about wanting to work with people and their families on functional outcomes. When I heard that’s what Everyday Independence was all about, I knew that they were probably the right people for me.

It definitely can be scary and daunting when you first finish university and just wondering, you know, what are the expectations going to be like, what are the families going to be like? What if I don’t know everything was something that I was really worried about.

I had no need to be worried at all and was really supported. As I said, having mentors that you can go out with and actually see how things are done or on the other side, the mentor can come out with you and give you that feedback in real time.

Everyday Independence has allowed me to think about what I want from my career as a speech pathologist. It’s really allowed me to think about the growth that I may be able to have with Everyday Independence and open up opportunities that I don’t really think I knew were possible before working here.

So pretty much from day one, people are speaking to you about where do you see yourself professionally and how can we support you to get there. And that’s amazing to work for somebody who really values that.

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