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New Graduate Program FAQ #2

Curious about what the first four weeks of induction look like? 

Q&A #2 – What do the First Four Weeks of Induction Look Like? 

The first four weeks are super supportive, so here’s what it looks like. 

In the first week, learning revolves around the Everyday Way practice model and therapy cycle. You’ll also get oriented to the hub, meet your team, set up your tech, familiarise yourself with the Everyday Independence values, systems, and platforms, and engage in a series of live learning sessions covering various topics. 

You’ll commence shadowing either your 1:1 mentor or a seasoned hub practitioner to witness the theory in action.  

From week two to four you’ll engage in a combo of “seeing one, and doing one” in sessions, learning alongside your 1:1 mentor or experienced hub practitioner. You’ll shadow them during sessions, be shadowed yourself, and gradually integrate your learning into leading your own participant sessions.  
This phase of your induction period is meticulously planned with a comprehensive timetable tailored for graduates. It’s a mix of self-paced learning, face-to-face in your hub, and online live learning sessions with your graduate peers and practitioners in your specific discipline. 

Graduate Program Online Event

Join us online on 5 June to learn about our 12-month Flying Start Graduate Program and the supports we’ll provide you.

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