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Careers for Overseas Trained Practitioners

We're a fun, united team on a mission to make inclusion possible for all Australians.

Make the Positive Change

Create positive change for your clients and yourself as you start a new life in Australia.

With 40 hubs across Australia, Everyday Independence delivers life-changing services to people living with disability, so they can live a much better life. Working in teams with fellow practitioners, we support people the Everyday Way – out in the community and where they spend their time.

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Helping our Team Members Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Everyday Independence Career Coaching supports team members experiencing imposter syndrome so they can pursue heir goals and thrive in their career.

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What our International Team Members say


An occupational therapist from South Africa, Nanette has enjoyed huge career growth working in two states, completed her master’s degree and been supported to achieve her change maker potential.

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A speech pathologist from the UK, Charlotte has been able to balance work she finds inspiring with a home life that feels like she’s on holiday.

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An occupational therapist from South Africa, Rochelle has discovered her passion for leadership and operations, enjoyed travel and adventure and has become a passionate advocate for positive change and inclusion.

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An occupational therapist from the Philippines, Blanche finds the balance between work and home and discovers how much more she can achieve for herself and others with the right support and opportunity.

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