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Team Therapy

Many people we support need more than one therapy to help them achieve their goals. Our practitioners, including occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, key workers and behaviour support practitioners, use a team-based approach to provide you with the right therapy at the right time to achieve your goals. This gives you better outcomes because everyone works towards the same goals and co-ordinates the therapy as needed.

Team therapy is an effective way for two or more practitioners to work together to understand your needs and goals and then plan and deliver the best therapy approaches.

We form a team, with you being the expert on what you want and need, while we bring specialised knowledge and experience in health, rehabilitation and disability services.

The benefits of the team therapy approach are:

  • You share your story and what is important to you just once with the therapy team
  • Your outcomes are improved by the co-ordination of your therapy resources around common goals
  • You can save time and funds by mapping out a plan with the team to avoid an “overlap” of therapy resources
  • You are placed in the middle of communications and decisions at the start, and this is where you stay
  • Communication is easier and more effective. This helps to build your confidence and skill in co-ordinating your therapy
  • It is cheaper than having individual assessments with individual therapists, and it can save significant time by mapping out a well-planned therapy strategy.
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