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Ethan’s Building Blocks to Success!

Ethan began his therapy journey with Everyday Independence by accessing early childhood supports. Ethan has always loved Lego and modelling, but had found it difficult to play independently, leading to frustration and then giving up.

With the support of his family and early childhood key worker Kahlia, they supported Ethan to build his physical skills, coordination, attention and the focus required to complete a Lego set. Soon an Everyday Independence occupational therapist and speech pathologist joined Ethan’s therapy team to build his skills and confidence in the areas needed to achieve his goals.

Ethan improved his physical capacity, balance, coordination, and fine motor skills through various games, including hopscotch, soccer, dance and yoga. He further practiced using Duplo blocks, manipulating playdough, drawing and mark-making.

His therapy team used a motivational approach – cheering him on every step to extend Ethan’s attention and concentration. His family embraced the coaching strategies and supported him between his therapy sessions, too.

Achieving Goals

After 10 months Ethan is reading Lego instructions with his key worker, identifying small pieces required for each step, attaching the Lego pieces independently, and showing perseverance while building difficult sections.

Not only did Ethan complete numerous individual steps to build his creation, he also completed the entire task in one session! His focus and perseverance with challenging tasks has improved. After this achievement, Ethan was so proud of himself, yelling,

I did it, I did it, I did it!


Ethan’s therapy team are beyond proud of him and can’t wait to see what’s next for this little champ!

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