School and preschool is an important environment in every child’s life and presents many learning opportunities to support children to achieve their individual goals. Best-practice evidence shows that the most positive and meaningful outcomes occur when children and young people are treated in their natural environments and everyday context (Case-Smith & Holland, 2009; Dunst et al., 2010). We are often asked by parents, carers and schools to support and build the capacity of children and the people that support them in the school setting.

The evidence shows that a positive working alliance between the family and service providers (education and disability) can significantly improve outcomes for people with a disability (NSW FACS, 2015). We know from working with schools that a school’s key priority is to keep all children safe and to foster an environment that optimises every student’s learning. In partnership with our local schools we have developed an approach to working in schools that designed to meet the needs of the individual child, the educator, other students and the therapist.

We provide each school we work with an information pack that includes our processes, therapist information, certificates, insurances and industry and professional registrations to ensure that the school and school principal is confident that the school and all children in the school are safeguarded and protected.

For more information about our best practice approach to therapy, how we work in schools and what a school can expect from our service please contact us on 1300 179 131.