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Providing Therapy to People with Disabilities of all Ages

Everyday Independence supports people of all ages to be more fully included in and engaged with everyday life.

Our wide range of therapy services and programs equip people with the skills and tools, inspire them with the possibilities and fill them with the confidence to push beyond their comfort zone to achieve their personal goals.

In addition to delivering core therapy services of occupational therapy, speech pathology and physiotherapy, we deliver a range of specialist supports, including early childhood and positive behaviour supports.

Early Childhood Supports

We provide early childhood supports, or early intervention services to all children younger than nine years, and their families.

To help families achieve the best outcomes, our child and family teams include key workers, therapists and practitioners with diverse training and life experiences. They work together to meet a child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development needs.

While each family’s team configuration depends on the child’s developmental needs and therapist availability, families can count on the support of a key worker, and at least one therapist such as a speech pathologistoccupational therapist, or physiotherapist.  Read more.

Positive Behaviour Support

Our behaviour support practitioners are leading the way in providing positive behaviour support and are working to close the gap between mental health and disability. We provide individualised support to people who use behaviours that challenge. We use the positive behaviour support framework to build an understanding of why challenging behaviours occur.

Our specifically trained practitioners work to reduce the number of restrictive practices in a person’s life to increase their quality of life. They develop a positive behaviour support plan with input from our clients and the trusted people in their life. It includes strategies to keep everyone safe and is reviewed and updated regularly. Anyone with Improved relationship funding can access this service.

To access Positive Behaviour Support, you require Improved Relationships or Behaviour Support funding in your NDIS plan.

Read more here.

Habit Coaches

Our habit coach program accelerates therapy outcomes by supporting people to develop life-enhancing habits.

Habit coaches are allied health assistants who work under the supervision of our experienced practitioners to assist people in building habits into their everyday routines. They provide one-on-one support between therapy sessions to help people build new skills and routines to achieve their therapy goals. Our practitioners identify who would benefit from our habit coach program and arrange support. Read more.

At Everyday Independence, we know that people grow when they are engaged in activities that they are passionate about.  Submit a referral form to arrange therapy services to help your client to create the positive life changes they desire.

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