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Keeping our Therapy Waitlists up to Date

We know how frustrating it can be for participants, families, and referrers when we cannot offer immediate appointments. However, due to the high demand for many of our services, sometimes we need to put people on a waitlist until a practitioner becomes available.

We’ll send regular, automated communications to improve communication with people on our waitlists. Every four weeks, people on our waitlists will receive an SMS or email to check if therapy services are still needed or if they’ve found services elsewhere. When you receive an SMS or email from Everyday Independence, please follow the secure link to update your preferences.

We’ve made it quick and easy for people to select an option to stay on the waitlist or to let us know they no longer require our services. This will include three contact attempts – via email/ SMS or a phone call by our Administration Partners – Customer Experience to get in touch with those who haven’t responded to our communications to ensure they don’t lose their spot on the waitlist if they still need services.

We’re committed to making things easier and less stressful for people waiting for NDIS therapy services and help provide more accurate timeframes to referrers and participants on when services will become available.

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