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Helping our Team Members Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is described as a chronic feeling of inadequacy and incompetence and is often accompanied by anxiety and a sense of pervading self-doubt. These feelings do not commonly reflect an individual’s ability or achievements but can present a psychological barrier preventing them from pursuing their goals and thriving in their career.

Imposter Syndrome is surprisingly common and can be experienced by anyone during their career. Everyday Independence Career Coach Sally Smith has worked with many people to support them through self-doubt, working with them to reinstate self-reflective practice and re-focusing their attention on positive accomplishments and achievements.

You may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome if you are feeling some or all of the following;

  • Persistent feelings of self-doubt and incompetence
  • Frequent negative self-talk and self-criticism
  • Perfectionism with tasks that may impact completion times
  • Fearful of trying new things/avoidance of things where you fear failure
  • Anxiety and nervousness

Everyday Change Maker – Speech Pathologist and Therapy Mentor Vivian generously shared her experience of what worked for her when she faced the challenging feelings of Imposter Syndrome as she stepped up into a Therapy Mentor role.

I found it really helpful to be vulnerable with my mentor and team members; once I fully recognised that it was a safe space, I felt more comfortable to share my feelings.

Vivian, Speech Pathologist and Therapy Mentor

Adding, “It was also important for me to implement a plan for learning and building on my knowledge by tapping into the resources offered by Everyday Independence, including Everyday Therapy Mentoring, our free EAP counselling service, and connecting with Career Coach Sally.”

At Everyday Independence, we are proud of our culture, which provides team members with ongoing opportunities for growth whilst also supporting them to overcome challenges that might prevent them from achieving their goals.

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