Our Occupational Therapists Supporting People to Engage in Everyday Life

Building confidence in people’s abilities and removing social barriers so they can enjoy more everyday independence is a big responsibility. But it’s just what our occupational therapists do, every day.

As an Everyday Independence occupational therapist, you’ll be part of a leading team, equipped with everything you need to become a highly effective social model therapists. You’ll learn from the best in the industry and be supported to harness your empathy and clinical passion to make a greater impact on the lives of people you support.

With new perks, unrivalled learning and development programs, and vibrant hub life, it’s never been a better time to join our team.


It takes a different kind of Occupational Therapist to make a difference. Hear what our Occupational Therapist, Ameila says about the privilege of working in her field.

Your New Everyday

Our occupational therapists play a vital role in helping people to enjoy everyday life by building their confidence and skills.

As social model occupational therapists, they also support people to overcome the barriers that are holding them back from engaging with their local community and the wider world they live in.

Here’s a few things our occupational therapists did last week:

  • grabbed a coffee on the way to the first appointment at their client’s home where they helped a mum with a new morning routine
  • had their say in a weekly team meeting and cheered for a team mate who did something great
  • talked with a client and their support worker about options within their local community for group fitness activities and how to get involved
  • linked a client into an allied health assistant (Habit Coach) to work on their daily routines
  • Raided the hub fruit and lolly jar and shared a light moment with the team
  • visited a child at school to see if anything in the classroom environment were impacting their learning and discussed ideas with their teacher


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