July 15, 2020

People living with disabilities are often underestimated and barriers in their surroundings or the attitudes and actions of others can reduce the opportunities they have to fully participate in the community.

To support people to reduce those barriers so they can live the life they want to, we work under the social model of disability.

Under the social model of disability, people are disabled by barriers in their environment or the attitudes of people around them and in the community.

We support people to reduce those barriers and encourage people with a disability, their family and the wider community to challenge their belief systems about disability and to set higher expectations of what they can achieve.

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Putting the person at the centre of their therapy, focusing on what they can do, building on their strengths and interests
  • Getting to know them and understanding what is important to them so we can bring their plan to life with achievable steps
  • Delivering therapy where they spend their time, in their everyday life, and using their daily routine to practice their new skills
  • Providing support to other significant people in their life they can support them to achieve their goals
  • Working as a team with other therapists so that the person receives the right support at the right time to fully participate in the community

We believe that every person has the right to make choices about their life and to do the things they want to do fully take part in their community.

The social model of disability empowers people to live meaningful and fulfilling lives. We have seen great outcomes for people when they realise their own potential and work towards specific, measurable goals.