December 3, 2019

Prior to receiving support from Pam, occupational therapist in our Wyndham team, Monica wasn’t confident to cook without her sister at home.

When she wasn’t working in her part time job, Monica would usually stay at home if friends or family were unable to accompany her on outings.

With support from Pam over the past couple of months, Monica has been learning about safety and hygiene in the kitchen. She has now learnt to cook meals on her own including pizza, burgers, and zucchini slice.

Pam and Monica have also been working on travelling to and from the library using the bus. Monica has learnt how to read timetables and now knows which bus route she needs to take.

Monica was also supported to sign up for a library card, how to navigate the library and learn how to borrow and return books. She has also practiced talking to the staff at the library and asking them for help.

“Monica’s confidence and cooking skills have really flourished and it’s wonderful to see her doing the things she loves to do,” said Pam.

Monica now goes to the local library every week and enjoys hiring her favourite TV Show – Magnum P.I.