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Early Career Practitioners

“Everything just slotted into place and I felt this is exactly what I want to be doing and what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Bronwyn, occupational therapist at Everyday Independence

Video transcript

Transitioning from the medical model to the social model was a big aha moment for me and just so satisfying.

In that medical model approach we spend a lot more time focusing on the deficits that a person has and the difficulties they have within themself and less time focusing on the environment around the person and actually thinking about their strengths and how we can create a match between the person’s strengths and the environment to enable participation.

And that’s what the social model does so beautifully.

I really got the opportunity to see it from that perspective of flipping it and working in the person’s environment. Focusing on the supports around them, and knowing when I leave my hour and a half session that all my time with the person…are actually going to make a difference when I’m not there. And to get to see it in practice here so beautifully, everything just slotted into place for me.

And I felt like, yes, this is exactly what I want to be doing and what I’m supposed to be doing, which was a really great experience to have.

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