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New Graduate Program FAQ #1

Curious about what your new graduate year looks like when you join our team?

Q&A #1 – What Does the New Graduate Year Look Like?  

The Flying Start graduate program offers an amazing pathway to becoming a social model practitioner who changes the game for people living with disabilities. In a way, it’s like a fifth year of university as you learn to practice in the Everyday Way – delivering high value and high impact therapy that can change the life trajectory of NDIS participants for the better. 

The program also offers a diverse clinical caseload, experience and support as a part of an interdisciplinary team, exposure across disciplines, and learning from industry-leading practitioners (such as your same-discipline mentor and supportive team leader). All this support is complemented by your teammates in your hub and local administrative team.  

The result? Enviable clinical skills and the option of seven clinical career pathways to leap into as you continue to grow and earn more! 

Here’s your first 12-months in a little more detail… 

Weeks One to Four

Here you’ll get connected to systems and people including your 1:1 mentor, team leader and supportive interdisciplinary teammates as you dive into learning about the Everyday Way practice model and the therapy cycle.  

During these four weeks, you’ll engage in a “see one, do one” learning approach alongside your 1:1 mentor. You’ll shadow them during sessions, be shadowed yourself, and then integrate your learning into leading your own participant sessions. 

Months Two to Five

Here is where you’ll hone your craft and broaden your knowledge as you access the vast array of learning opportunities with peers, subject experts, your mentor and team leader.  

Your weekly combination of 1:1 and group support will total one to two hours. Plus you’ll spend valuable time at your Wednesday weekly hub meeting being supported by your team leader, focusing on therapy planning and building your clinical skills.  

Online Communities of Practice (CoP) and discipline-specific CoPs are there for you to delve into specific learnings to help you in problem-solving any clinical challenges.  

In addition, if you’re feeling stuck or are needing consultative support while out on the road, the phone-a-friend style Everyday Therapy Mentoring offers support from other skilled mentors when you need it.  

Months Six to 12

You’re really starting to discover your potential as a social model therapist and master the Everyday Way service delivery. You’ll create your GROW plan with our career coach and start to think about a clinical career pathway that’s right for you. There’s also topical workshops run periodically – like our Everyday Coach Approach sessions or mental health first aid workshop – that you’ll have the chance to opt-in to as well!  

Graduate Program Online Event

Join us online on 5 June to learn about our 12-month Flying Start Graduate Program and the supports we’ll provide you.

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