Working together to reveal your child’s true abilities

Everyday Independence supports you to create opportunities in your child’s everyday routine so that they can make more of home and community life.

We provide early childhood intervention services to children aged under seven years and their families using a Key Worker Model.

Your early childhood Key Worker works by your side, and understands that you know your child best and have the most influence on their development.

Your Key Worker guides your family and brings the skills of the team to build your child’s confidence and be fully included and engaged in everyday activities. 

Getting to know your child and family

Your Key Worker will:

  • get to know your child’s strengths, interests and routines
  • understand your family’s needs for support
  • develop a child and family support plan with you
  • arrange for joint visits and services from other professionals as required

Using everyday routines to deliver therapy support

Your Key Worker will:

  • use your child’s everyday routine as an opportunity for learning and development
  • provide therapy support at home and in the community
  • help you to support your child to be more involved in family and community life

Practice in between therapy sessions

Your Key Worker will:

  • support you to make the difference for your child in their everyday activities
  • suggest ideas and approaches that will lead to positive outcomes
  • equip everyone with the skills, tools, and confidence to support your child to push beyond their comfort zone and take on the world around them.

Everyday Independence Key Workers

Key Workers are highly trained occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists and teachers who work as a team and have specific skills in supporting children and families.

Your Key Worker is your main point of contact for your family’s needs. They’ll provide your child with therapy support and will work with you and other services to help your child’s development.

Taking the first step is easy

Contact our Intake team on 1300 179 131 or complete an online enquiry and we’ll be in touch to find out more about your needs and how we can support you.

See our frequently asked questions for more information about how we support young children and families.

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