We understand that every family is unique and special.

At Everyday Independence, our therapists, known as Key Workers, get to know your family and child really well so we can provide you with the right support to meet your needs.

We use play-based learning to make therapy fun and enjoyable for your child as they learn new skills.  Your family’s Everyday Independence Key Worker will also support you, and other important people in your child’s life to develop skills to meet your child’s needs.

Your family’s Key Worker will come to your home, your child’s preschool or other places they spend their time providing therapy support so your child can practice their new skills every day.  We use therapies that have been proven to work because we want you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child and family.

We consider the needs and wellbeing of your whole family when we support your child because we know this is important to families.


We will support your child and family to achieve your goals by:

  • Providing you with information and advice so you can make informed decisions and access services
  • Building on your family’s and child’s strengths and interests to learn new skills
  • Ensuring you have what you need to confidently meet your child’s needs
  • Building opportunities for your child to participate in everyday life.

Our therapists support your child to do things such as getting dressed, developing their speech, helping with toileting, keeping up with their friends in the playground, or regulating their behaviour.

We also support families during key changes in their child’s life such as starting childcare or school so they can face these changes with confidence.

Our Key Workers

Everyday Independence Key Workers are occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and physiotherapists with specific skills in supporting children and families.   They are passionate about empowering families to support their children to grow and develop.

A Key Worker is the person your family will speak with and see most. Your Key Worker will provide therapy to your child on behalf of a team of therapists.  They will coordinate support from other Everyday Independence therapists when your child needs additional support.

Dealing with one therapist reduces the stress and extra time that can arise from juggling multiple appointments from different health professionals. The Key Worker approach is NDIA’s preferred approach to providing early childhood intervention services.

Taking the first step is easy

Contact our Intake team on 1300 179 131 or complete an online enquiry and we’ll be in touch to find out more about your needs and how we can support you.

See our frequently asked questions for more information about how we support young children and families.

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