We offer early childhood intervention support through the Key Worker model to families who have a child aged up to seven years who has a disability, or a developmental delay.

The Key Worker Model has been adopted by the NDIS as the preferred way to deliver early intervention services to families.  Under this model, a Key Worker provides your child with therapy services on behalf of a team of Everyday Independence therapists.  They will work in partnership with your family as your main point of contact for all your needs. This is known as a transdisciplinary approach.

The Key Worker empowers your family to create a strong support system and a capable environment around your child to support their development needs.

The Key Worker:

  • builds a strong, supportive and trusting relationship with families and other caregivers in a child’s life
  • becomes an expert in your child’s routines, interests and what is important to your family to help you find ways to enhance your child’s development in their everyday life
  • provides your family with individualised information, resources, and support so you can make informed decisions about your child’s needs
  • works in your child’s natural environment, such as home, school, or another place they spend time to identify ways to practice their new skills, and increase participation
  • provides the therapy your child needs and can call on the additional expertise of other therapists if needed.

Why use a Key Worker rather than individual therapists?

Using a Key Worker provides many benefits for you and your child, including:

  • you have one person who you can build a trusting and supportive relationship with about your child’s needs
  • the key worker gets to know your child as an individual, their strengths, interests, and challenges which leads to greater outcomes.
  • dealing with one person can reduce the stress and anxiety which can arise from juggling multiple appointments from different health professionals
  • your child becomes familiar and confident interacting with one person

Everyday Independence Key Workers

At Everyday Independence, our Key Workers are speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists.    They are experts in their own discipline who have expanded their knowledge across other disciplines. We match the Key Worker to best meet the unique needs and circumstances of your child and family.

The way in which a Key Worker works with your family changes to suit your child’s needs and your family’s needs.

The Key Worker may be the only therapist providing service to your family.  In other cases, several Everyday Independence therapists will provide your family with specialist therapy support.


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