Our NDIS early childhood intervention (ECI) services support families to reveal their child’s true abilities.

We have a team of highly skilled therapists and professionals who work closely with you to develop and implement a plan that provides you with the information, skills and resources you need to support your child to develop their skills and participate in home, school and community life.

We deliver early childhood intervention services to children under seven years with developmental delay or a disability under a Key Worker model. Under this approach, your family will have one point of contact, a Key Worker who coordinates your child’s therapy services and arranges support from other team members. Your Key Worker works by your side, supporting you and other important people in your child’s life to build their confidence and skills.

To make a referral, click the button below to complete our online referral form and one of our team members will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps.

Alternatively, if you would like to talk to us about your child’s therapy needs, please call 1300 179 131 to speak to a member of our Intake team.

Supporting Your Child and Family

Your Key Worker understands that you play a critical role in supporting your child’s development.   Your child’s Key Worker will support your family by:

  • coordinating your services and supports
  • delivering therapy and support in the places your child spends their time
  • providing tailored information and resources, so you can make informed decisions to meet your child’s needs
  • building your skills and those of other important people in your child’s life, such as grandparents, or educators to support your child to develop their everyday skills
  • arrange for joint visits and services from other Key Workers as required
  • linking you and your child in with community services to support their development and build your confidence to meet their needs
  • creating a Child and Family Support Plan with you

Meet Lily

Lily is a vivacious 5-year-old who loves playing outside, pretending to be a power ranger, and like many girls her age, finds it hard to sit still for more than a second! Like all parents, Jess and Mat, were keen for Lily to start primary school just like all the other kids in the neighbourhood. Lily’s therapy team knew how important this goal was for Lily and her family to achieve. Lily’s Key Worker and Speech Pathologist Kristen from Everyday Independence developed an action plan and gathered a team of complementary therapists to get to work so that they could make Lily’s first day of prep a reality.

Everyday Independence Key Workers

Your Key Worker will be either an occupational therapist, speech pathologist, physiotherapist, early childhood teacher or social worker who has specific skills in supporting children and families.

Your Key Worker will plan and coordinate your services and bring in support from other Key Workers as your child and family needs. Not every child needs support from all of the above therapists and professionals. Your Key Worker will link you with the specialist services that your child and family need. This may also include Habit Coaches, group programs, and external supports within the community.

Taking the first step is easy

Contact our Intake team on 1300 179 131 or complete an online enquiry and we’ll be in touch to find out more about your needs and how we can support you.

Early Childhood Intervention FAQs

Early childhood intervention (ECI) services support the development and wellbeing of children (aged 6 and under) with a disability or development delay.  ECI helps children to develop the skills they need in everyday life.  Some children who receive early intervention may not need long-term support.

Everyday Independence Key Workers are specifically trained therapists and professionals who are passionate about supporting children and families. They have extensive knowledge of child development and are experienced in working with children with disabilities and developmental delays.

They have additional skills such as listening skills, patience, and great communication skills so they can empower families to achieve their goals.

Our Key Workers receive ongoing training and professional development to provide evidence-based and family-centered therapy to families.

A Child and Family Support plan sets out your child’s goals and how we will support your child and family to achieve those goals.  Your Key Worker will start developing your plan in your first therapy session after they get to know your child and family.

Your plan includes your NDIS goals, what’s happening now, what’s important for you in the future and how we can support your child to achieve their goals.

Your plan will be reviewed mid-way, and at the end of your NDIS plan so we can track your progress and outcomes.

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