One of the unique benefits Everyday Independence offers people living with a disability and their families is that we provide therapy services for people throughout the life stages. The transition into adolescence is a time of growth and opportunity and therapy can support young people to live to their full potential and enjoy all the everyday things teenagers experience.

We are able to offer support for young people in areas like the transition from primary school to high school, and from high school to further study, work or independent living. Young people living with disabilities can be assisted to live a life of meaningful independence, by working through the issues that naturally arise as they become adults.

We offer therapy services for young adults to assist with:

  • building resilience and independence
  • developing hobbies and interests
  • being fit and healthy
  • developing and maintaining friendships
  • working and studying with a disability
  • assistive technology and modified environments
  • the transition to work
  • living independently


Building resilience

Developing hobbies and interests

Assistive technology

Being fit and healthy

Building Independence


Managing Challenging Behaviours