We support adults of all ages along side their family and support network.

Our specialist assessment and therapy programs focus on your individual needs, circumstances and goals. Our aim is to help you achieve personalised and meaningful outcomes. For some people this is being able to choose how you spend your time and the places you go. For others it’s being able to get out into the community, take your kids to school or manage essential activities like showering or preparing meals.

Our experienced therapists can assist you to develop your abilities, improve your support and safety. It can also involve changing things in your environment with the latest in specialised equipment or technology to make life easier and increase what you can do for yourself. This can assist with areas such as:

  • moving safely at home and getting around the community
  • being comfortable and safe when sitting or lying
  • house cleaning or doing laundry
  • parenting when living with a disability
  • developing positive relationships
  • managing money day to day
  • driving


Assistive technology

Managing Challenging Behaviours

Safe and accessible environments

Staying fit and healthy

Independent living

Meaningful ways to spend my time