What is early childhood intervention?

Early childhood intervention (ECI) services support the development and wellbeing of children (aged 6 and under) with a disability or development delay.  ECI helps children to develop the skills they need in everyday life.  Some children who receive early intervention may not need long-term support.

Who are Everyday Independence Key Workers?

Everyday Independence Key Workers are specifically trained therapists who are passionate about supporting children and families. They have extensive knowledge of child development and are experienced in working with children with disabilities and developmental delays.

They have additional skills such as listening skills, patience, and great communication skills so they can empower families to achieve their goals.

Our Key Workers receive ongoing training and professional development to provide evidence-based and family-centered therapy to families.

What does a Key Worker do?

A Key Worker is your family’s main point of contact for all your family’s needs.  They will get to know your child and family really well, and provide therapy and services to meet your needs.

The Key Worker will provide therapy on behalf of a team of therapists.  The Key Worker will arrange specialist support from other Everyday Independence therapists when your child needs more intensive support.

The Key Worker will provide you with information and advice so you can make decisions about what will best suit your family’s needs.

Can I choose not to be supported by a Key Worker?

A Key Worker approach is the NDIA’s preferred model of delivering early childhood intervention services to families.   This is known as a transdisciplinary approach.

If you believe your family would be better supported by a team of individual therapists, please let your therapist know in your first appointment and we will work with you in a way that best suits your family’s needs.

What Child and Family support plan?

A Child and Family Support plan sets out your child’s goals and how we will support your child and family to achieve those goals.  Your Key Worker will start developing your plan in your first therapy session after they get to know your child and family.

Your plan includes your NDIS goals, what’s happening now, what’s important for you in the future and how we can support your child to achieve their goals.

Your plan will be reviewed mid-way, and at the end of your NDIS plan so we can track your progress and outcomes.