Adolescence is the primary time for building independence. The journey to adulthood is all about learning to look after yourself, manage your own behaviour, learn new things, make friends and be able to do many more things on your own or with much less help from others.

Young people living with a disability often need additional support to learn these skills or to learn different ways to achieve their independence taking into consideration their abilities and challenges.

Our therapists work with young people and their families to grow their independence including physical skill development, speech support, social skills or assistance with managing behaviours. Our therapists may also suggest assistive technology or devices that help a young person do activities more independently and help them participate in the activities that are important to them.



Our therapists are always looking for creative ideas to help make therapy fun and engaging. For 13-year old twins with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the solution came in the form of 3 brightly coloured timers!

It was important for the girls to be able to get themselves ready in the morning, but they were finding it difficult to manage their time. To help improve their time management skills, their Everyday Independence therapist, Charlotte, introduced three timers. Each timer included a different time limit based on the amount of time the girls needed for showering, brushing their teeth, and washing their faces. The girls are now getting ready independently, getting to school on time, and the morning routine is now stress-free for all the family!

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