As we age being safe and independent in our own home takes extra consideration and support especially after an illness. Our therapists work together to support older adults to stay in their homes with greater safety, independence and peace of mind.

For older adults who have aged care funding we can offer therapy services in the form of two packages.

The Everyday Independence Stay Safe Assessment

The Stay Safe Assessment is conducted by a therapist in a two hour visit and assesses:

  • Areas of risk or frailty
  • Any need for basic home modifications to stay safer and enhance access into and out the home. This may include recommendations for a shower chair, commode, raised toilet seat or mobility aids
  • The person’s physical status with regard to falls and balance

At the end of the visit we will provide recommendations in writing about the older person’s individual circumstances and to address any concerns or issues that might be impacting their safety and independence. This can include suggested modifications, assistive technology, exercises, further therapy or other supports.

Everyday Independence Stay Independent Therapy Package

The Stay Independent Package provide five home therapy sessions to implement the recommendations of the Stay Safe Assessment. The aim of these sessions is to put in place the support the older person needs to be safer and independent.

In these sessions the therapist may:

  • Liaise with suppliers and builders to install the recommended home modifications of things like ramps or rails.
  • Assist in the purchase the relevant equipment.
  • Arrange any further functional assessments by other therapists as needed (for example a physiotherapist or speech pathologist).
  • Support with recommended physical exercises with the aim of ensuring the older person has the confidence to independently build them into their daily routine.
  • Compete a final report with actions, process and any further recommendations required.

To discuss how the Stay Safe Assessment and Therapy Package can support you to live more safely and independently at home please contact us.