Our Adelaide team provides NDIS occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy, early childhood intervention, positive behaviour support and habit coaching.

We are currently recruiting speech pathologists to join our team.  Until we have a local team of speech pathologists on the ground, we’re taking a speech pathology waitlist.

Please contact our Access team by calling 1300 179 131 or completing an online form.

How can speech pathology support me?

Our speech pathology services can support you with:

  • developing your communication using communication aids and other assistive technologies
  • overcoming difficulties you are experiencing with your speech, writing, reading, listening, or understanding language
  • expressing yourself with family, friends, carers, colleagues, and other people in the community
  • chewing and swallowing food safely.
  • working with your support network to build their skills so they can assist you to achieve your goals

Why choose Everyday Independence speech pathology?

  • We put you at the centre of your therapy; building on your strengths and interests
  • We get to know you and listen to what is important to you so we can bring your plan to life with achievable steps
  • We deliver therapy where you spend your time, in your everyday life, and using your daily routine so you can practice your new skills. Therapy appointments are also available via telehealth if you are unable to have therapy in person.
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience supporting people with disabilities
  • We’ve been an accredited NDIS therapy provider since 2013.

Read our everyday life stories to learn more about how our speech pathology services have helped our clients to achieve their goals.