Ryan was not enjoying the 45-minute bus ride to and from school each day – it was causing him and his family a considerable amount of stress.

Lucy, Ryan’s Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist supported Ryan and his family to put in a request to NDIA for a tandem bike so that he and his dad could enjoy the ride together to school each day.

With support from Everyday Independence’s social initiative, Everyday Magic we were able to help the family with the co-payment.

With much anticipation we are pleased to share that Ryan rode to school for the first time. He loves the bike and could be heard giggling all the way with his dad – apparently, with dad doing most of the peddling! Thank you to Ryan and his family for giving permission for us to share your story.

Everyday Magic works by providing funds to allow a therapist to act on an opportunity where the purchase of something could impact a person’s life. While it has a fun, whimsical name its intent is practical, and person centred.