Brian is a fun-loving, driven 18-year-old who is currently in his last year of high school. He is the youngest of a big family with four older brothers, a driving factor in the development of his innate leadership abilities and a quality that has awarded him the School Captaincy.  

Everyday Independence has been providing Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology services since 2017 to help him increase his independence with daily activities and social skills.  

Brian has achieved many of his goals along his therapy journey with Everyday Independence. In addition to encouraging a more positive approach to the unfamiliar, there has been a strong collaboration among his support team that has ensured strategies such as repetitive practice and increased positive interactions are being carried through appropriately at home. This has also empowered his team to advocate for his needs.  

Over this final year of school, he has started to think about life after school and what independence could look like for him. A long-term aspiration of Brian’s is to work in an office one day, and he’s always expressed how much he’d like to visit the ‘OT Office’. It seemed like the perfect time to arrange a work experience placement for him at Everyday Independence’s South Eastern Sydney therapy hub! 

During his time at the office, Brian helped with several different jobs and was able to practice many of the skills he’d developed over the years. One of his tasks was to communicate with some of his previous therapists. He connected with Cassie (OT), who used to support him before she went on maternity leave, and Lauren, who Brian was previously ‘pen pals’ with on Microsoft Teams and eagerly asked and answered questions, made jokes and showed much excitement. Cassie noted an amazing improvement from when she met him two years ago, when he would hide and not engage with therapists.  

Working at the hub allowed Brian to work towards his longer-term goal of being more autonomous in all areas of his daily life, and to feel prepared for his transition out of school. He’s already asked to do more work experience days at surrounding hubs!  

He also has goals of being able to help his parents with grocery shopping, developing his money handling skills and using short sentences to seek help, ask questions and express his wants and needs.  

Brian’s team has found working with him extremely rewarding, enjoyable and entertaining. “Seeing Brian so happy and excited about his role made me very proud of him. It was amazing to see him use all his skills and his personality shine.” – Teresa, Speech Pathologist 

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