Josephine is hearing impaired and relies a lot on lip-reading to engage in conversations with friends and family and when out in the community.

Face masks have created a challenge for Josephine as she cannot see people’s lips, making it very difficult to understand what people are saying to her.

Speech Pathologist Jennifer, from our Western Melbourne team, has been supporting Josephine to find ways to communicate more easily.

One of the solutions that Josephine has quickly mastered is using a speech to text system.   This technology converts what someone has said to Jennifer into text which she can read on her phone.

At first, Josephine was using this system at home with her support worker, and when her sister visited.  However, she has taken to it so well that she now uses it during doctor appointments, when engaging with her therapy team, when shopping, and ordering food and drinks.

This has helped Josephine discuss her health with her Doctor,  the exercises her physiotherapist is recommending, and how much money she needs to pay when shopping.

Josephine has also built her confidence to ask others to wait until her device is ready she can understand what they are saying. She is also much more comfortable joining in conversations with those around her which has improved her self-esteem and sense of belonging.

Jennifer has also helped Josephine to use the National Relay System (NRS) on her mobile phone. While Josephine had been using the NRS on her home phone, she had been rushing home to return calls when she received a call to her mobile.  With access to the NRS on her mobile, Josephine is able to speak to friends and family and take other important calls when she’s spending time outside her home.

“It’s been wonderful to see Josephine’s confidence and independence grow now that she finds it easier to communicate with others.

Josephine is able to engage in more meaningful conversations with family and friends and she is more confident talking to people she doesn’t know.

Improving her communication gives Josephine many more options for connecting with people in her community and being more involved in activities she enjoys.” said Jennifer.

Josephine is now working towards finding a local volunteer group, coffee group, or knitting club where she can meet new people and engage in recreational activities.

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