Meet brothers, Damien (10) and Bruce (8). They both live with Autism and find it challenging to connect meaningfully with their peers and successfully manage their daily routines.  

Damien and Bruce started their journey with Everyday Independence earlier this year. Their goal was to be able to follow a structured morning routine more independently, and with less prompting. They also wanted to be able to enjoy playing alongside each other and socialise with peers at school; hoping to develop some friendships and enjoy time spent at school.  

Georgia, their Speech Pathologist, and Eden, their Occupational Therapist, began working with the boys and their parents around family member roles, communicating with others, and managing their time, especially around the tricky school morning run.  

After a few weeks, Everyday Independence’s Habit Coach, Lachlan, came on board to further assist the family with their routines and time management, bringing with him the tools to set the family up for success and to make mornings fun again! These tools included visual routine trackers and charts to help make the boys aware of their responsibilities, tasks, and activities – they were a hit!

Both boys are making great progress with their routines, and even reached a new milestone last week. They were both awarded ‘Student of the Week’ by their school in recognition of their hard work and on-time arrival all week long! What an achievement! 

Damien and Bruce were so excited to tell Eden, Georgia and Lachlan when they saw them, and the team were equally proud of the efforts and work put in by everyone involved, but especially the boys. 

“A lot of effort from the boys, therapists and parents went into achieving this goal, so everyone was extremely excited when they received the reward”, said Georgia.  

When asked to describe their experience working with Damien and Bruce so far, our team summed it up perfectly with ‘deserving’ and ‘fun’! 

We can’t wait to see what comes next for Damien, Bruce, and their family. 

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