Nathan loves sport, but he had bigger goals than just playing. He wanted to try his hand at wheelchair rugby coaching.

With the support of his speech pathologist, Eloise, from Everyday Independence, they set a plan in place so that Nathan could achieve his goal.

Eloise contacted the NRL Wheelchair Rugby team to tell them about Nathan’s desire to coach. The NRL coach welcomed Nathan with open arms, inviting him to attend an upcoming training session so that he could observe and learn in this everyday social environment.

To prepare for the training, Eloise, Nathan and his support team developed and practiced a series of questions that he wanted to ask coach Brett and his team, as well as some coaching language used in wheelchair rugby.

“These lead-up sessions provided Nathan with the opportunity to have choice and control in the questions he wanted to ask the team and enabled him to develop his skills navigating his device and taking turns in conversations,” said Eloise. “This helped build Nathan’s confidence when speaking to a large group of professionals and he was so excited that he was counting down the days. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face!”

On the big day, there was no holding Nathan back! During the team huddle, he enthusiastically offered his coaching tips and learned more about the team and their journeys, just like he had prepared in his therapy sessions with Eloise. Nathan is now working towards achieving his next goal and undertaking an online rugby coaching course.

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