Finding a job can be extremely daunting and discouraging, and it can be even more challenging when you have a disability.

Rachel, Occupational Therapist with Everyday Independence recently supported Murat to achieve his long-term goal of finding paid employment.

Murat lost his hearing and suffered an acquired brain injury after a car accident. Since then, he has received support from an Occupational Therapist through the TAC, to help him to manage some of the cognitive changes that have impacted his life. These changes have impacted his memory, organisational skills, perspective, and ability to remain focussed.

Over the past five years, Murat has worked hard with an Everyday Independence occupational therapist to focus on areas that were important to him such as his role as a homemaker, home maintainer, his community life, and independence. These were important foundations for Murat to build that would enable him to pursue economic participation.

Despite the challenges his disabilities bring, Murat also learned to lip read in multiple languages and Auslan sign language.

Murat’s most important life goal since his accident had been to find paid employment.  Murat wanted a productive job where he could spend his time meaningfully, contribute to his local community, and provide financially for his family.

Prior to Murat’s accident, he had experience as a delivery driver. When Rachel and Murat saw an advertisement for a Postal Delivery Officer through Australia Post’s Diversity and Inclusion Program, they saw this as the perfect opportunity for Murat to fulfill his aspirations.

Murat chose to apply for a bicycle postal delivery officer role to enable him to balance work, exercise, prayer, and nutrition in his life.

Rachel supported Murat to prepare his resume, submit his application, and develop skills for his interview. They also discussed the importance of speaking up when Murat was unsure about something or he needed help and built his capacity to stay safe at work.

Australia Post was very supportive of providing the right environment to support Murat throughout the interview and at work. They arranged an Auslan translator for the interview and subsequent training days and will arrange other supports as Murat needs to do his job.

Rachel also supported Australia Post to build their understanding of Murat’s disability and their capacity to support him when he is at work.

“I was so happy to hear that Murat was offered the job.  Murat has consistently worked towards his goal over the past several years and he deserves this success.  He is very eager to learn and he has a great work ethic. I know he will be a great asset to his new team.” Rachel said.

Working enables people to contribute in a meaningful way to their communities, gives them a sense of pride and independence, and provides an opportunity for them to build relationships and support social interaction. People with disabilities bring great value in the workforce and it’s critical they are given the opportunity to participate in employment.

Murat’s father and uncle were both postman in Cyprus which gives him great pride in his new role.

“I’m really looking forward to hearing how Murat goes at his new job and providing support when he needs it” said Rachel.

When Rachel recently asked Murat how he was enjoying his role he replied “Very nice customers. I smile lots, and lots of customers learning signs to communicate with me and support me to read their lips”.

Well done Murat!