Liz radiates positivity and happiness. She loves meeting new people, volunteering at the Salvos, and exploring her creative side with jewellery making and cooking.

But two years ago, Liz’s life looked very different. She rarely interacted with anyone other than her family, often letting her dad speak for her.  She spent much of her time at home and wasn’t engaging in meaningful activities.

Liz has challenges with her speech and language which impacts her ability to express herself when talking. She also has limited use of one hand which has affected her self-confidence and ability to do many daily tasks on her own.


With support from Everyday Independence’s therapy team including a Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and Physiotherapist, Liz has stepped outside of her comfort zone to challenge herself to try new things and the results were life-changing.

Liz’s team supported her to focus on her strengths and passions to help build her confidence and skills so she could achieve her goals.

Speech Pathologist Kate worked with Liz to develop her communication and language skills so she could feel more comfortable speaking to people she didn’t know. Kate also worked with Liz’s dad so he could build his skills to support Liz achieve her goals.

Liz’s other goal was to be more engaged in meaningful activities like giving back to her community.  Knowing that Liz has an interest in fashion and homewares, Occupational Therapist Kez, helped Liz to apply for a volunteering role at her local Salvos shop. Liz now works at the shop each week and the smile on her face says it all.  She loves helping people find what they’re looking for and keeping the stock organised and tidy.

In her downtime, Liz is now making jewellery and cooking more at home.  She is challenging herself to try tasks that may seem impossible to complete with limited use of one of her hands, exceeding her own expectations.

Liz’s independence and confidence at the gym has also increased in the last 12 months. Her Physiotherapist Nicole suggested some low-cost assistive technology to make it easier for Liz to grip onto the equipment. This has helped her challenge herself more at the gym to improve her strength, increasing the resistance of previous exercises and having the freedom to try new exercises that were previously too difficult.

Speech Pathologist Kate said it’s been wonderful to see Liz participate more in all aspects of life.

“Liz is a beautiful person and it’s wonderful to see her thriving.  She is smiling, she has more confidence and is doing more things independently. Volunteering at the Salvos has given Liz an opportunity to keep working on her communication skills, build new relationships, and help others in her community”.

Liz has come along way since we first met her two years, and we are really excited to see where the next horizon takes her” said Kate.

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