Boy giving thumbs up

Khalif gives us a thumbs up after receiving the resources he needs to meet his goals.

Everyday Independence occupational therapist Mikhala from our Gold Coast team has been supporting Khalif, an 11-year-old boy who lives with his mum and his dog, Lucyfer.

Khalif’s goal over the next 12 months is to complete his morning routine independently so he can attend school five days a week.

Recently, Khalif’s NDIS plan was up for review and with Mikhala’s support, Khalif and his mum were able to receive the resources and therapy support needed to enable Khalif to continue to achieve his goals.

Those that know Khalif admire his wealth of knowledge about crystals, technology, gaming and geometry. He loves exploring new places, meeting new people, and going to the beach to collect shells.

He also shares a unique bond with his dog Lucyfer, who is his number one fan.

Mikhala has been supporting Khalif and his mum to develop a consistent routine particularly in the mornings to encourage and motivate Khalif to get ready for school.

Attending school every day is something that is very important for Khalif as he wants to have the ability to do what other kids his age are doing.

As well as supporting Khalif and his mum with a morning routine and developing his skills to do some things more independently, Mikhala also prepared a therapy report that identified Khalif’s potential and the therapy resources that would assist him to achieve his goals. Recommendations were made for additional therapy including speech therapy, psychology and behaviour support. The report was written in plain language so that Khalif and his mother could take it along to the NDIA plan review and use it to advocate for their needs.

“I was so happy to hear that all the recommendations in the therapy report were considered and approved and that Khalif’s new NDIS plan now has the right support that will focus on his individual needs and support him to achieve his goals. I can’t wait to see what Khalif can achieve in the next 12 months now he has the right supports in place”, said Mikhala.