These smiley faces are 2.5-year-old twins, Adrianna and Avianna. Despite being identical twins, their individual personalities shine through brightly.  Adrianna is determined, curious and clever; she loves to explore and read, and is more attached to mum. Avianna is self-motivated, happy and easy-going. She loves music and dancing and is more attached to her dad. They live together with their parents and older sister. 

The girls began their therapy journey with Everyday Independence in September 2021 with the support of their Key Worker, Gabby, to help with their developmental delays in gross motor skills and communication. After spending some time with the family, Gabby noticed that the girls didn’t have a set bedtime, and they watched cartoons when being fed, as it was the only way mum could get the girls to eat. They also slept at separate times, which meant mum had to do separate childcare drop-offs, which was another big contributor to mum’s stress.  

The main goal for Adrianna and Avianna was to have a healthy daily routine that included eating meals and snacks at appropriate times without watching cartoons, and to have a structured bedtime. To achieve this, Gabby visited the girls at their home on a weekly basis to help them learn and develop a routine that used some play and lots of repetition. She focused on developing their skills in communication and created opportunities for them to practice their independence, motor skill development, and social engagement. Gabby also helped mum to develop her skills and confidence each session by demonstrating strategies and suggesting ideas and approaches that would lead to better outcomes.  

With the help of Everyday Independence’s social initiative – Everyday Magic, Gabby purchased some items to help with Adrianna and Avianna’s development, such as a children’s table for mealtimes and activities, and play equipment including a mini slide and balance buckets. Not only did this help with refining their gross motor skills, but it was also a fun activity for the girls! 

Fast forward to the present day, and Adrianna and Avianna’s communication skills have increased, and a proper routine means less stress on the family and more time to play and explore their surroundings.  

Gabby is absolutely delighted with the girls’ progress. ‘I feel a great sense of joy, satisfaction and pride in the difference early childhood intervention can make, especially within the social model.’  she said.

The tailored support provided to Adrianna and Avianna at an early age has given them the best start.  We look forward to seeing them reach their true potential.