boy in wheelchair on bus

Drellan was taking assisted transport to and from his public school. He’s just turned 18 and will soon be finishing year 12. He’s going to study information technology at TAFE and will need to catch public transport there. One of his goals was travel training so he’s able to safely get to and from his course next year.

Jane, his Everyday Independence occupational therapist from our Western Sydney team, approached Busways to see if they could run a training session with him.

Busways took Drellan, along with Jane and his carer, out on his own private service for a training exercise with one of their bus trainers so he could practice catching the bus and using the wheelchair ramp. After just a few goes, he was confident and ready to catch his first real service. Their trainer showed him exactly which stand he would need to get the bus from, meaning Drellan was able to use a lift by himself for the first time too.

This is a great example of how we work with other organisations to help our participants reach their goals.

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