Doug works towards his independence

Our Newcastle Occupational Therapist, Jordan has been working with Doug to increase his independence. Doug has been a participant with Everyday Independence since July 2018. He suffered a serious stroke 20 years ago which left him with severe communication difficulties and weakness on his right side.

Before his stroke, Doug was a very active man who loved travelling and socialising with his friends. Following the stroke, he became isolated mainly due to his communication difficulties. He wasn’t participating in ongoing therapy and lived a very lonely life.

Over the past 2 years, Doug’s life became significantly better. He has obtained a new bed which helps him to get into his wheelchair by himself safely and gave him a better night’s sleep. He also has a mobility scooter so he doesn’t need to rely on his support workers when he wants to leave home.

Doug began hydrotherapy and was a little reluctant at the start but now really enjoys it. He is now motivated to increase his walking and activity levels so that he can lose some weight and independently access his local shops.

Doug’s speech difficulties will be lifelong, but he has made great improvements with regular Speech Pathology and uses a total communication approach to convey his message. He also uses a communication app on his iPad which he finds helps him when he goes to doctor’s appointments.

Doug has been able to get out into the community with the help of his support workers who take him for walks, drives and for coffee.

He enjoys going to his local pharmacy and shops where he is well known for his bubbly, fun-loving nature. Doug’s dream is to one day move to Nimbin and build a container home. We hope we can help him achieve this dream.