Codie is a beautiful late teen with an infectious smile.

Codie lives with a disability which makes it difficult for her to walk and do some activities of daily living independently that rely on strength and balance.

She lives in a very supportive family of two teen siblings and parents who have learned to live with Codie’s disability but who have always hoped to see her walking and doing things independently.

Prior to receiving physiotherapy and occupational therapy from Everyday Independence, Codie was not confident to walk around her house without assistance. She also needed help from her family to do things such as sitting on the couch and getting in and out of the car.

Everyday Independence physiotherapist Prakash, and Maggie, occupational therapist worked together with Codie and her family to set realistic goals that Codie could work towards.  It was important for Codie to be able to move around her home safely and to build her strength and balance so she could be more independent.

To support Codie to build her upper and lower body strength, Prakash incorporated boxing into their regular physical therapy sessions. In between therapy sessions, Codie continued to work on her strength with exercises using an exercise band.

Six months on, with hard work and perseverance, Codie has achieved greater independence and she is now able to get into and out of the car, without assistance.

“Working with Codie and her family has been so rewarding.  I was so proud of Codie and honoured to be a part of her support team helping her to achieve her goals.

I have seen Codie work hard to build her strength and to see her climb in and out of the car with her beaming smile, it was priceless.” said Prakash.

Codie is now also able to walk around the house using the furniture to balance, and with the assistance of handrails, she can get in and out of the house by herself.

We look forward to seeing Codie continue to get stronger and achieve new goals.