Since working with his Occupational Therapist, Morgan, from Everyday Independence, Cass has experienced a whole new level of independence.
Cass is 14 years old and lives at home with his family.

Cass’ mum, Karen, is his primary support and before working with Everyday Independence, she had provided physical support in all areas of his life including self-care and meal preparation.

When Cass started working with Everyday Independence one of his goals was to independently get ready in the morning and prepare his own breakfast as well as buying items from the shop.

Under the social model of therapy support, Morgan was able to provide just the right support to help Cass increase his confidence and develop his skills to reach his goals. This included conducting therapy sessions in his home where he felt comfortable and confident to practice skills like getting out of bed in the morning by himself and preparing a light breakfast. His therapy sessions also involved practising going to the local shops together.

“Cass’ long-term goal is to one day move out of home and live an independent and autonomous life,” said Morgan.

“I’ve loved working with Cass to help him build his skills so he can continue practising his morning tasks in between therapy sessions. This has been so important for his progress,” she said.

Cass’ increasing independence has meant that he no longer requires his mum’s support each morning and for the first time in many years, Karen has been able to return to work.

But then it got even better! After a busy day at work, Karen returned home to experience the most memorable and impressive dinner. Cass had googled a recipe, written a shopping list and with the support from his stepfather went shopping and prepared a family meal together. She was beyond impressed.

“I have really enjoyed supporting Cass to build his independence and it’s lovely to see the impact that has had on his confidence and determination to keep achieving his goals,” Morgan said.

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