Amer loves McDonald’s Hotcakes. Amer’s Occupational Therapist, Morgan suggested that he could make his own at home and he was so excited to try it.

During one of Amer’s sessions, Morgan helped Amer to make pancakes. Working on following instructions, fine motor skills and coordination, kitchen safety awareness, and bilateral cutlery use, Amer was able to make his own pancakes and flip them with perfection.

Amer’s family never thought to encourage him to cook on the stovetop, but now his mum has seen his potential and wants to support him to further his independence. He loved making them so much that it will now become a weekly activity for him.

This enjoyable session achieved many of Amer’s outcomes and is a perfect example of how our therapy focusses on having a positive attitude to risk and supporting and empower people to achieve their goals and live an everyday life.

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