Adam is a passionate Churchgoer who attends several services across the Sydney region.  Adam was diagnosed with autism when he was 19 years old, which has posed some challenges when attending church services. 

This led to a referral for behaviour support at Everyday Independence. Everyday Independence Occupational Therapist/ Behaviour Support Practitioner Simone has been supporting Adam for the past 14 months. Adam’s support team also consists of his sister/ guardian, Georgia, a Coordinator of Support and Support Workers from the broader church community.  

The team worked alongside Adam to develop and implement some strategies to help him achieve his goals. This included meeting with stakeholders within the church community, who could be there to support Adam. They also developed a home cleaning and exercise routine during lockdown, and to continue supporting this routine, Adam is in the process of getting a Habit Coach. 

Adam’s goal is to be able to take part in church events without additional support, while advocating for himself and others with disabilities within the church space.  

“It filled me with a sense of purpose and meaning in terms of my own work/life and what I can do and achieve in my current role. I also experienced so much joy to see Adam achieving his potential and how one success flowed over into so many other areas of his life. He showed increased motivation and confidence in other areas from the positive experience and feedback he received from his video.” Simone

Perhaps the most impactful activity in Adam’s journey to achieving his goals was a video that he created and shared with the church community. The video outlined how others could support Adam in building his capacity and social skills in church. Adam dictated his own script and determined many of the details, such as where to film and what to wear. This autonomy and ownership gave him a great sense of achievement, as he was able to express his needs and feelings in a positive and meaningful way.  

‘I am excited about the ripple effect that the change and impact of the change can have. It isn’t only Adam’s quality of life and sense of purpose that changes, but also that of his family and his community as well as other people living with a disability in the church and the broader community.’ Simone

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