NDIS Physiotherapy in Lockridge

Our physiotherapy team in Lockridge is passionate about supporting children, teenagers and adults with disability living in and around Lockridge to live an active lifestyle and participate more in community life.

We will get to know you, what you want to achieve and what’s currently getting in your way, so that we can create the most effective plan to help you build your skills and confidence to overcome these barriers, and increase participation in your community.

There is strong evidence to show that exercise and an active lifestyle has both long- and short-term benefits on physical and mental health and wellbeing. This is especially important for people living with disability, who so often have limited opportunities to particulate fully in their communities.

Supporting you the Everyday Way

You may think of Physiotherapists as working in clinics and hospitals, but at Everyday Independence we come to you and support you in the places you spend time – like your home, work, school, playground, gym, or other places in the community where you like to spend time because the places that matter most to you, are the best places to build up skills and confidence – you’re putting what you learn to practice right away. This is the Everyday Way we deliver our services.

We also build the skills of your support network, so that everyone is working towards a unified purpose and assisting you in the most effective way.

We help you stretch your NDIS therapy budget further by using evidence-based therapies that are proven to work so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

If achieving your goals require more than physiotherapy, our therapists work as team and can link you in with the relevant Everyday Independence therapists to help plan and provide your therapy support at the right time, so you can achieve your goals faster.

Your therapy package can include:

NDIS Physiotherapy can help you with:

  • recommendations to help you move around the house and community more easily
  • suggesting mobility equipment to help you stand, walk, or move around
  • tailoring exercises to improve your mobility, skill level, muscle strength, flexibility, fitness and balance
  • helping you to access sport, or recreation opportunities such as going to a café, the footy or learning to ride a bike to increase social participation, physical health and wellbeing
  • prescribing exercises to help you to manage pain.

NDIS Physiotherapy FAQs

Why Choose Everyday Independence

Our team works harder to remove the barriers that are getting in the way of achieving your goals. We can also link you in with other therapists at Everyday Independence to help you achieve your goals sooner.

We'll build your skills and confidence to participate more in community life and make meaningful connections that help you expand your horizons and achieve your full potential.

We'll come to you to deliver therapy services in the places you spend your time. This includes your home, work, school, or other places in the community. We also offer telehealth.

We work with your support network such as family, teachers, employers, and support workers to build their skills, so that you’re all working towards a unified purpose - to help you achieve your goals.

We've been supporting people with disabilities for more than 24 years. We've been an accredited NDIS therapy provider since 2013.

We put you at the centre of your therapy, providing tailored support to help you achieve outcomes that are important to you.

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Read our everyday life stories to learn more about how our occupational therapy services have helped people achieve their goals.

NDIS Physiotherapy FAQs

A Physiotherapy assessment may be beneficial for people who are having difficulty moving around their house or local community. We can assess how you move around your home (including around your bed, on and off chairs, up and down stairs and in tight spaces such as the bathroom) and your local community (such as ramps, stairs, uneven ground, gutters and in/out of cars or public transport).

A physio assessment would combine this information with assessment of your body function such as how strong your muscles are, how well your joints move, your level of fitness and balance. This information will allow us to make recommendations for you and your family that would make moving around your house and local community easier. These improvements may help you to walk more steadily, walk without an aide such as a walking stick, ride a bike, walk up and down stairs at the shops or run after your grandchildren.

Following a physio assessment, you may benefit from exercise prescription. This involves assessing what your individual needs are and tailoring exercises that fit with your lifestyle, time constraints and what you want to achieve.

Our physios can tailor exercises to help improve the way you move, increase your muscle strength, improve your flexibility, increase your fitness or improve your balance.

We can help you work out the best way to do these exercises to fit in with your daily life and what’s important to you. This may involve exercises you can do in your house with no equipment, a walking program at your local park or a gym program to do with some support. These tailored exercises will help you to achieve your goals and get you moving around better than before!

Mobility equipment helps people stand, walk or move around more easily.

We can help you chose the right walking or standing aide to support your individual needs from walking long distances to standing to stretch tight muscles. Our physio’s work with you to determine the best piece of equipment for you, show you how to use it and will make sure it is helping you achieve your goals.

We can provide a report for different funding bodies to support funding for mobility equipment. The right piece of mobility equipment can help you move around with more independence in your home, school or local community and can include anything from a walking stick to a highly specialised walking frame.

Everybody should be active a few times a week to manage their risk of health conditions. If you have difficulties with movement, balance, fitness or weak muscles, our physios can help you build on your strengths and aspirations to access exercise for enjoyment and fitness.

We can support you to access activities that you enjoy such as team sports, PE lessons at school, local community classes or gym programs. Our physios can help you work out what you can access and how to make the most of your opportunities in these programs. Benefits of participating in these activities include increased social participation, increased fitness, strength and balance as well as overall improvements in health. These benefits may flow into your day to day life, making it easier to walk around your home, get ready in the morning, have more energy to cook dinner or reduce your falls.

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